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Accessibility for Albertans. Accountability for politicians.

A simple sticker with a clear message - hold politicians accountable. It doesn't matter what party they're from, it doesn't matter what party you support. At the end of the day, we need to hold all politicians accountable. These stickers are 4" by 2" - the width of a credit card, and about half an inch longer.


For every charity sticker sold, APAH will donate at least $1 to Egale Canada's Youth and Safer Schools program, an organization dedicated to promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality for young queer people. If you'd like to learn more about LGBTQ+ resources available within Alberta, please go to


Don't forget, you can get 4 stickers for the price of 3 with coupon code "Freebie" entered at checkout! If you use the coupon code to get one of the charity designs for free, we'll still make the donation.

"Hold Politicians Accountable" Charity Stickers