Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta (PC)

The Progressive Conservative Party currently exists in a state of limbo, where the party has officially merged with the Wildrose Party to create the United Conservative Party but is still technically being kept alive in the Legislature by Richard Starke, and is still kept registered by the UCP. Starke is a PC MLA who requested to be allow to ride out the remainder of his term under the PC banner rather than joining the UCP, which was allowed. He was the only member of either party to not join the new party, but has created a unique situation for APAH in which this party effectively no longer exists, but still does. Starke will sit as a member of the PC Party for the remainder of the 29th Legislative Assembly, and since he won't be running for re-election in 2019, he will likely be the last PC Party MLA for a party that doesn't really exist anymore.

Because of this, the APAH page for the PCs is a little different than the other party pages - in fact, it mostly resembles the page for Independents. There is no information on the party history here, as that information is part of the UCP's history page; there is no information on the policies of the PC party here, as they won't be relevant for the upcoming election. Through here you can find information on the last sitting PC MLA, Richard Starke - just as you would for any other party. As well, you can find information on the candidate that the PCs have nominated for 2019.

Hopefully, as this service grows, we will be able to make pages for all parties that no longer exist, including this one, that include useful information for people who are interested in the political history of this province. However, for now, we need to focus resources where they'll be most useful to the most people.

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