The United Conservative Party

The United Conservative Party of Alberta (or UCP) is a socially and fiscally conservative party. The UCP are the result of a merger between the Wildrose Party and Progressive Conservative Party, and their history stretches back beyond the beginning of this province. The party we see today has two origin stories - on one side, the party was once known as simply the Alberta Conservatives, before switching their name to match their federal counterpart. On the other, the party began life as the Alberta Alliance around the turn of the century, the unofficial Alberta branch of the Canadian Alliance Party. They then merged with the Wildrose Party to create the Wildrose Alliance, later named the Wildrose Party.

The Tories spent the first several decades of Alberta's history struggling to gain seats, and after the Social Credit Party took over in 1935, the party faltered for a while. After a rebrand and some new leadership, the party took down the Socreds after thirty-six years in office, and began their own record-breaking forty-four year run. In their last few elections, they would face serious competition from the Wildrose Alliance Party, who nearly took government from them in 2012 and who won the official oppositions in 2012 and 2015. After the PCs lost in 2015, the two parties merged to form the official opposition with the United Conservative Party in the 29th Legislative Assembly of Alberta, and in 2019 the UCP won a majority government.



Jason Kenney


Jason Kenney is a former federal Conservative politician who joined Alberta’s provincial political landscape in 2016, when he resigned as a Member of Parliament to run for the PC leadership on a platform of merging with the Wildrose Party. In early 2017, he became the PC leader and the parties merged; by the end of the year, he became the leader of the new UCP. In 2019, he won re-election and became the Premier in the new UCP majority government. Kenney studied philosophy at the University of San Francisco, but left before completing his degree; he currently lives in Calgary.

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