The Alberta New Democratic Party

The New Democratic Party of Alberta (or NDP) is a center-left social democratic party. The NDP are integrated, meaning that the federal and provincial branches of the party share membership and have a more direct connection than other parties who may simply share a name. The party (federally and provincially) have their roots in Alberta's Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, a socialist party that was founded in Calgary in 1932. After being succeeded by the NDP in 1961 (also founded in Calgary), the party would be on the fringe of Alberta's provincial politics for fifty-four years, rarely having more than four seats in the Legislature at once and frequently being shut out of the Legislature altogether. Despite this, the NDP formed the Official Opposition three times (1982, 1986, and 1989), and in 2015, the NDP would win a majority government - only the fourth time Alberta has seen a change in government. This ended a record-breaking forty-four year run of majority governments for the Progressive Conservative Party, and would be the first time Alberta would see a left-wing government since the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) lost to the Social Credit Party eighty years prior. However, four years later, they became Alberta's first one-term government when they lost to the UCP, and formed the Official Opposition of the 30th Legislative Assembly.



Rachel Notley


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