The Alberta Liberal Party

The Liberal Party is the oldest continuous party in Alberta's history, having maintained the same name ever since the province's creation in 1905. They were also Alberta's first government, governing until 1921 when the United Farmers of Alberta took over the mantle in a surprise upset. Since then, the Liberal Party has nominated candidates in every election except one (in 1944) and only failed to elect candidates in three more (from 1971 to 1982). For a long time in Alberta's history, the Liberal Party was fairly conservative - typically making it hard for the actual original Conservative Party to really find a foothold for a long time.

In modern history, the Alberta Liberal Party has suffered from a connection to the Liberal Party of Canada; no Liberal was elected to the Alberta Legislature during the entirety of Pierre Trudeau's time as Prime Minister, and that connection has coloured the way many Albertans see the Alberta Liberals to this day despite the parties not being integrated - in fact, the parties were deliberately split under the leadership of Nick Taylor to try to make some distance. 2004 was the last time the Liberal Party elected a double-digit number of MLAs, and in 2012 the party lost the Official Opposition - a role that it had held since 1993. In 2015, then-leader David Swann won the party's sole seat in the Legislature, but was succeeded as leader by David Khan halfway through the session. In the 2019 election, the Liberals were shut out for only the 4th time, continuing the legacy of Alberta Liberal struggles under a Trudeau premiership.



John Roggeveen


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