Ministries of the Alberta Government

The Ministries of the Alberta government are run by their respective Ministers to manage and legislate for their portfolios. A Minister of Education will be responsible for matters related to education, the Minister of Energy will be responsible for matters related to energy, and so on. Click the "Learn More" button to learn more about each Ministry and the Ministers attached to them.

The Ministry of Advanced Education is responsible for post-secondary education for adults. This Ministry manages student loans and post-secondary applications and has information on apprenticeships.

Demetrios Nicolaides

Ministry of Advanced Education


The Ministry of Children's Services is responsible for managing services including adoption, the Alberta Child Benefit, and child care. It also covers child intervention and child abuse supports.

Rebecca Schulz

Ministry of Children's Services


The Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women is responsible for supporting Alberta's cultural industries and heritage as well as policy related to gender equality.

Leela Aheer

Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism & Status of Women


The Ministry of Energy is responsible for matters related to Alberta's energy sector, including things like royalties, legislation, and information on coal, minerals, natural gas, oil, oil sands, and petroleum.

Sonya Savage

Ministry of Energy


The Ministry of Health is responsible for policy and management of Alberta's healthcare system, including resources for healthcare professionals as well as information on health services and benefits for the public.

Tyler Shandro

Ministry of Health


The Ministry of Infrastructure is responsible for managing government-owned infrastructure (i.e., health facilities and equipment, municipal infrastructure help, roads and bridges, etc.) as well as handling contracts for infrastructure-related projects.

Prasad Panda

Ministry of Infrastructure


The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade & Tourism is responsible for policies related to investment, innovation, and growth in Alberta's economy as well as tourism.

Doug Schweitzer

Ministry of Jobs, Economy, and Innovation


The Ministry of Labour & Immigration is responsible for legislation regarding labour rights and relations, as well as providing programs and services to help workers find jobs and training. It also helps immigrants look for employment and residency.

Jason Copping

Ministry of Labour & Immigration


The Ministry of Seniors and Housing is responsible for providing supports for elderly people including special needs assistance, financial assistance, etc.. It also covers housing programs like SHARP for seniors as well as general affordable housing programs.

Josephine Pon

Ministry of Seniors & Housing


The Ministry of Transportation is responsible for policies on transportation guidelines, transportation tendering and contracting, and commercial transportation. They also provide grants and funding for municipalities, among other things.

Ric McIver

Ministry of Transportation


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for managing the government's involvement in agriculture & forestry, as well as climate & weather information.

Devin Dreeshen

Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry


The Ministry of Community and Social Services is responsible for a wide range of social services, ranging from financial supports like AISH and Income Support to helping homeless or unemployed Albertans.

Rajan Sawhney

Ministry of Community & Social Services


The Ministry of Education is responsible for matters related to education for children up to Grade 12 in public schools (including Catholic, Protestant, charter, and Francophone schools).

Adriana LaGrange

Ministry of Education


The Ministry of Environment & Parks is responsible for Alberta's parks and environmental policies on topics including air quality, climate change, land and waste management, water quality, and wildlife.

Jason Nixon

Ministry of Environment & Parks


The Ministry of Indigenous Relations is responsible for managing relationships with Indigenous communities the Alberta government's behalf, as well as things like economic supports for Indigenous communities.

Richard Wilson

Ministry of Indigenous Relations


The Ministry of Intergovernmental Relations is responsible for managing interactions and relationships with other provincial and governments within Canada as well as the federal government, and representing Alberta's interests in general.

Jason Kenney

Ministry of Intergovernmental Relations


The Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General is responsible for managing prosecutions, correctional services, and law enforcement and investigation in the province, as well as things like security permits and victims services.

Kaycee Madu

Ministry of Justice & Solicitor General


The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is responsible for managing how municipal governments, grants, and elections work, as well as regulations related to things like safety codes and home warranties.

Ric McIver

Ministry of Municipal Affairs


The Ministry of Service Alberta is responsible for a wide variety of services ranging from business and driver's licences, to registry services and agents, to buying or selling a vehicle, and much more.

Nate Glubish

Ministry of Service Alberta


The Ministry of Treasury Board & Finance is responsible for taxes, levies, insurance, pensions, banking, investor relations, Alberta's budget, the Heritage Savings Trust Fund, and economic outlook, analysis, and statistics, among other topics.

Travis Toews

Ministry of Treasury Board & Finance


Associate Ministries of the Alberta Government

The purpose of the Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addiction is to work with the Minister of Health and other Ministries as needed to focus on addressing addiction and mental health problems, specifically focusing on the opioid crisis.

Jason Luan

Associate Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions


The purpose of the Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction is to coordinate with other Ministers to reduce regulations, with the stated goal of making it easier to create jobs in Alberta.

Grant Hunter

Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction


The purpose of the Associate Minister of Natural Gas is to work with the Minister of Energy and other Ministries as necessary to promote Alberta's natural gas resources, with the goal of improving market access for Alberta's liquid natural gas.

Dale Nally

Associate Ministry of Natural Gas and Electricity