Independents of the Alberta Legislature

The independents are not a party - rather, they are any MLAs who are not affiliated with a party while sitting in the Legislature. For this reason, it's hard to say anything concrete about independents as a whole - there's no defined ideology for independents across the board, there is no leader, and there is no defined structure to the independents or even any requirement for them to work together. In fact, in many cases the title of "independent" is not a permanent or chosen status. Instead, in recent years, it has frequently functioned as somewhat of a purgatory for MLAs who have been removed from their party caucus for one reason or another, or who have chosen to leave their party but have not resigned. In fact, Albertans have not elected an independent since 1982, despite almost every session since then featuring at least one at one point or another. MLAs become independents when they are no longer associated with a party but still maintain a seat, but can join another party's caucus at any time if another party will have them.

Because of the unique characteristics of the independents, this page will not feature a number of the features that the normal party pages would - there will be no "leader" section, no history on the independents, and no list of policies supported. Instead, this section will only include information on sitting independent MLAs, and independents running in elections.

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