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The Alberta Party has existed in one form or another in Alberta's provincial political landscape for decades, but has undergone a fairly serious overhaul since its early days in the eighties. Historically, the party has been fairly right-wing, with roots in parties like the Representative Party, the Heritage Party, and the separatist Western Canada Concept. In the party's early years, it found little success as the Alliance Party of Alberta - the party eventually chose to sit out the 1997 election before re-branding as the Alberta Party Political Association and working with the Social Credit Party in 2001. In 2004, there had been talk between three minor right-wing parties - the Alberta Party, the Alberta Alliance Party, and the Socreds - of potential mergers, but these all fell through. By 2008, the Alberta Alliance had gone on and merged with the unregistered Wildrose Party to form the Wildrose Alliance Party, and most of the Alberta Party's conservative base left them for the Wildrose, where they saw more potential.

As a result, the Alberta Party was largely left in the hands of centrists, and when the party merged with Renew Alberta in 2010, it kicked off a massive overhaul of the party. A large part of this was "The Big Listen", a campaign to talk to Albertans and try to build a platform based on the feedback they received. In 2011, Liberal MLA Dave Taylor crossed to the Alberta Party, giving the party their first seat since being founded thirty years ago. They promptly lost the seat in 2012, but in 2015 the party elected its leader Greg Clark in Calgary. Between 2015 and 2019 the Alberta Party gained two more members - one former NDP, and one former UCP - and in 2019 they fielded a full slate of candidates under new leader Stephen Mandel. Despite gathering nearly 10% of the vote, the party gained no seats, and Mandel resigned the leadership a couple months later.

As of June 30th, Alberta Party leader Stephen Mandel resigned his role as party leader to focus on his job as Chancellor at Concordia University. The party's Board of Directors will be appointing an interim leader shortly, and will be deciding on a new leader at their next annual general meeting.

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