June 28th, 2019

Bill 5

Appropriation (Supplementary Supply) Act, 2019 ($)


Came Into Force


Travis Toews




Appropriation Acts are, essentially, the government establishing how it’ll spend its money and how much it’ll spend - they’re “appropriating” the funds to the various parts of government. There are three primary forms of an Appropriation Act - Interim Supply, Supplementary Supply, or just the standard Appropriation Act. Bill 5 is a “Supplementary” Supply bill, meaning that it’s introduced in order to provide funds that weren’t previously covered under other Appropriation Acts, usually after the end of the financial year.


Bill 5 is providing funds for the 2018-2019 financial year that ended on March 31, 2019 that weren’t provided under the previous Appropriation Acts for that period. As a result, this legislation is essentially a top-up to make sure everything still gets paid for even if it wasn’t originally budgeted for.


Bill 5


Legislative Assembly Costs (from the General Revenue Fund)


Office of the Electoral Officer

  • $8,874,000


Government Expenses (from the General Revenue Fund)


Advanced Education

  • $42,000,000 (Capital Investment)


Agriculture and Forestry

  • $192,149,000 (Expense)

  • $500,000 (Financial Transactions)


Children’s Services

  • $23,296,000 (Expense)

  • $225,000 (Capital Investment)


Community and Social Services

  • $31,385,000 (Expense)


Culture and Tourism

  • $11,880,000 (Expense)


Economic Development and Trade

  • $500,000 (Expense)



  • $500,000 (Expense)

  • $6,667,000 (Capital Investment)



  • $6,700,000 (Expense)

  • $311,262,000 (Financial Transactions)


Indigenous Relations

  • $24,342,000 (Expense)

  • $33,300,000 (Financial Transactions)


Justice and Solicitor General

  • $24,167,000 (Expense)


Municipal Affairs

  • $91,013,000 (Expense)


Seniors and Housing

  • $16,628,000 (Expense)


Service Alberta

  • $300,000 (Expense)

  • $3,736,000 (Capital Investment)

  • $17,000,000 (Financial Transactions)


Status of Women

  • $500,000 (Expense)


Treasury Board and Finance

  • $25,565,000 (Expense)


Total Government Spending:

  • $448,925,000 (Expense)

  • $52,628,000 (Capital Investment)

  • $362,062,000 (Financial Transactions)


Alterations Made to Past Appropriations




  • $2,600,000 is transferred from the “Capital Investment” of Service Alberta to the “Expense” of Service Alberta.

  • $3,143,000 is transferred from the “Expense” of Advanced Education to the “Expense” of Service Alberta

  • $3,000,000 is transferred from the “Expense” of Community and Social Services to the “Expense” of Service Alberta.

  • $250,000 is transferred from the “Expense” of Indigenous Relations to the “Expense” of Service Alberta




  • The amount classed as “Expense” for Service Alberta is reduced by $8,993,000, and the aggregate amount of “Expense” is reduced by the same amount (this is the amount transferred to the “Expense” of Service Alberta from the Expenses of Indigenous Relations, Community and Social Services, Advanced Education, and the “Capital Investment” of Service Alberta).



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