Legislation sponsored by

Jason Copping

Bill 11

1st Session

Comes Into Force on Proclamation (Passed)

TBD (June 28th, 2019)

Fair Registration Practices Act

This legislation primarily focuses on the creation of the "Fair Registration Practices Code", including the Fair Registration Practices Office and the rules and regulations surrounding it. This includes the duty of regulatory bodies to provide information about themselves to people and the qualifications necessary to join. It also requires regulatory bodies to make timely decisions and to respond reasonably quickly. The Act also lays out the powers and duties of the Minister as well as details about compliance orders.

Bill 2

1st Session

Third Reading (Passed)

July 3rd, 2019

An Act To Make Alberta Open For Business

Bill 2 - An Act To Make Alberta Open For Business makes amendments to the “Employment Standards Code” and the “Labour Relations Code”, focusing on changing regulations around how overtime and holidays are managed in the former and how trade unions receive certification to represent employees in the latter.